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Seismic Data Processing Print
  • Full scope of services in seismic processing from express processing to detailed analysis of offshore and onshore seismics (GeoCluster4.1, Focus5.3, GeoDepthPower8.1, пїЅпїЅпїЅbпїЅ5.1, GeOlympus).
  • Enhancing the signal/noise ratio for various geologic conditions
  • Interactive statics correction
  • Novel procedures enhancing the resolution of seismic record.
  • Detailed velocity analysis
  • Effective multiple suppression
  • Velocity reconstruction
  • Horizon-oriented interval velocity analysis based on ray refraction effect at model boundaries
  • Velocity-depth modeling for areas with complex geology
  • Wavefield prestack depth and time migration technique
  • Computation of AVO attribute sections from seismic data in the context of reservoir evaluation, identification of reservoir rock abundance zones and type of hydrocarbon saturation
Seismic data interpretation (IntegralPlus, PETROSYSTEM, EP0S3.0 (SeisEarth))
1D modeling
Attribute analysis
Seismic facies analysis
Depositonal modeling
Hydrocarbon resources evaluation
Geologic modeling
Fluid saturation prediction basing on geochemical data
Prediction of reservoir properties and fluid saturation
Geologic studies as part of evaluation of petroleum potential of basins
Paleogeographic reconstruction
Cyclostratigraphic analysis